EquiFresh advise how

EquiFresh advise how

Banish smell and flies from your stable and lorry this summer…

However carefully you muck out, there is often a residual smell of ammonia around stables that comes from horses’ urine reacting with air.

EquiFresh is a granular organic mineral containing no disinfectant chemicals which can stop this reaction. It can be natural or scented with citronella or lavender essential oils which add even more benefit and a pleasent smell.

Sprinkle it on the stable floor before you replace bedding after mucking out, and it will cut down the release of unpleasant ammonia into the horse’s environment, making it healthier and fresher for horse and handler alike.

Choosing the citronella-scented product for a summer day bed will discourage flies. EquiFresh works with all kinds of bedding and is excellent with rubber mats. It will also reduce the smell in horse transport – perfect for a long day or camping at an event!

Research both here and in America have proved that horses kept in confined spaces for long periods can be harmed by the built-up of ammonia in their environment. It inflames the upper respiratory tract and eye membranes and can brake down the hoof wall. Exposure to even low levels of ammonia can cause decreased immunity and performance if it is longterm. Feeding high protein haylage rather than hay can double the amount of ammonia a horse produces in it’s urine.

EquiFresh is not a masking agent, or a disinfectant. It’s easy to use, economical and its available in 7.5kg tubs or 25kg bags, from £16.95.

For more information, or for a free brochure call 01666 861250 or visit www.equifresh.co.uk

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